Are you interested in utilizing Bissell Workforce Development workers, but want to learn more about the process first? Read through the steps below and see how easy it can be to hire Bissell workers for your business.

Step 1 – Employer places request for employees

  • Employer places their request by completing the Hire Now form on this website.

Step 2 – Bissell recommends suitable workers for the job

  • Bissell workers have all the required PPE and safety tickets (as requested by the employer)
  • If required, the employer can host interviews with the prospective employee
  • The employer then hires Bissell Workforce Development participant(s)

Step 3 – Employer signs Bissell Centre Workforce Development documents

Step 4 – Employee begins working + receives bi-weekly check-ins

  • The Job Placement Specialist will call the employer bi-weekly to check in with the employer to see how the Bissell Worker is doing (attendance, punctuality, performance, among many other things)
  • Workers are sent to job sites “work ready” – they are briefed prior to placement and provided personal protective equipment (when needed) and a bagged lunch.
  • Our workers are provided opportunities to get safety tickets and training through our Employment Services Program. When it’s a factor, only those with the right certifications are sent to a job site.

Step 5 – Employer fills out Bissell Centre wage subsidy form (per pay period)

  • The Workforce Development Program will subsidize a worker’s wages for $13.33/Hour for up to 30 Hours per week, for the first 12 weeks of employment.

For example, if *Bob* works 75 hours for “XYZ”‘s’ 2-week pay period, the program would provide wage subsidies for 60 of those hours

*This subsidy is per participant – for every participant that “XYZ” hires, “XYZ” will be receiving a wage subsidy per employee*

Step 6 – Employees receive long-term meaningful work with the employer

Bissell is excited and passionate about this Workforce Development Program and hopes that with all information and benefits presented, we can combine forces together to help change the lives of Albertans through meaningful employment.

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