About Workforce Development

The Workforce Development Program has come to fruition with the aid of a Government Grant, and the mission of our program is simple; to help eliminate employment barriers for Albertans looking to re-enter the workforce. In total, the Workforce Development Program is a 26-Week program that is comprised of three distinct schedules (Skill Development, Work Exposure, and Work Maintenance).

After completing the 14-week Skill Development phase of the program; the remainder of the Workforce Development Program is dedicated towards Work Exposure and Worker Job Maintenance (runs for 12 weeks total). This is when employers become involved with our program. There are several benefits for organizations hiring our pool of workers, including subsidized worker wages (We will subsidize $13.33 of each worker’s wages hourly for 12 weeks), and access to a dedicated and diverse worker pool who are job ready after completing the skill development portion of the program.

For more information about Bissell Workforce or to hire workers, please contact us at 780-232-8612 or wd@bissellcentre.org